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NickServ Commands
NickServ registers your own name on StarChat, allowing you to enter channels which require registration, receive channel operator status, or to register your own channel. By registering with NickServ, you can also send and receive memos from MemoServ. NickServ also allows you to protect your name, forcing others who attempt to use your identity to select another name.

Nicknames must be (rated PG) as a courtesy to our younger users. Nicknames found to be offensive or in violation of StarChat's Acceptable Use Policy are subject to deletion, or banishment from the network.
NickServ will hold a nickname registration for as long as you identify to the nickname. After 30 days of no nickname Identification, a nickname will drop from the NickServ database.
If you are going to be away from StarChat for more than 30 days, ask an IRC Op to set your nickname on vacation. This will prevent your nickname from dropping for as long as 120 days.
The password you specified to register your nickname is required to utilize the functions listed below. You must be Identified with NickServ to use these commands.
Command List:
  • Access - Modifies a list of access hosts.
  • Activate - Activates a registered nick.
  • Addmask - Add a host to the access list.
  • Drop - Drops a nick from registration.
  • Ghost - Disconnects a ghosted registered nick.
  • ID - Identifies owner of a registered nick.
  • Info - Displays information on a registered nick.
  • Listops - Lists all IRC Ops online.
  • Register - Registers a nick.
  • Release - Releases a Services-held registered nick.
  • Set - Define settings for a registered nick.
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