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MemoServ Commands
MemoServ works to send small messages to those not currently online, or pass a notice along to all channel ops. Memos can also be sent to your e-mail via MemoServ commands.

Memos are not to be used to harass others. Guests found using MemoServ to send abusive messages to others in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy are subject to being K-Lined from the network.
MemoServ will hold a memo for ten (10) days before it is dropped from the MemoServ database.
The password you specified to register your nickname is required to utilize the functions listed below. You must be Identified with NickServ to use these commands.

Command List (click once to open - click again to close)
  • CSend - Sends a memo to a selection of Channel Ops.
  • Delete - Deletes a memo currently in your Inbox.
  • List - Lists all the memos currently in your Inbox.
  • Read - Reads a memo currently in your Inbox.
  • Retrieve - Sends all memos in your Inbox to your Email address.
  • Send - Sends a memo to another registered Nickname.
  • Set - Define settings for your Inbox.
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