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    ChanServ Commands
    ChanServ functions to register your channel, giving you the flexibility to create your own list of channel ops and select various modes to protect your channel. ChanServ maintains a list of auto ops and permanent bans, kicking those who you do not wish in your channel. ChanServ also keeps topics and negates the need for a bot to hold your channel on the network.

    Channel names and topics must be rated PG as a courtesy to our younger users. Channel names or topics found to be offensive or in violation of StarChat's Acceptable Use Policy are subject to the channel being set secret or closed.

    ChanServ will hold a channel registration for as long as the channel founder visits the channel once every 30 days. The channel founder must be Identified to NickServ and obtain channel ops in the channel for ChanServ to recognize that the founder has visited. After 30 days of no visitation by the channel founder, or the founder's nickname expires, a channel will drop from the ChanServ database.

    The password you specified to register your nickname is required to utilize the functions listed below. You must be Identified with NickServ to use these commands.

    Special Note: GAG Feature

    Gag is a client based command that channel operators can use to silence disruptive users without any notification to the channel or the user being gagged. Just as with a channel ban, it is not removed unless the channel empties, or an op removes it from the list.

    Gag Placement

    /mode #roomname +g nick

    Gag Removal
    /mode #roomname -g nick

    Gag List(the op does not receive a message that his gag was placed, so use this command to get the list of channel gags)
    /mode #roomname +g

    • Access - Check a registered nick for channel operator access.
    • AddAK - Adds a permanent akick to a registered channel.
    • AddOp - Adds a registered nick to channel operator list.
    • AKick - Adds, deletes or lists the channel akicks.
    • ChanOp - Add|Del|List channel ops.
    • DelAK - Deletes an akick from a registered channel.
    • DelOp - Deletes a channel operator from a registered channel.
    • DeOp - Deops a specified nick in a registered channel.
    • Drop - Drops registration for a channel by the channel founder.
    • Info - Displays information for a registered channel.
    • Invite - Have ChanServ invite you to a channel.
    • Levels - Channel Operator levels for a registered channel.
    • ListAK - Lists all akicks for a registered channel.
    • ListOp - List all of the ops in your channel.
    • MassDeOp - Deop's all channel operators in a registered channel.
    • MassKick - Masskick's all users from a registered channel.
    • MLock - Modify your channel modes and settings.
    • Modeclear - Clears all modes in a registered channel.
    • Op - Op yourself or specified nick on a channel.
    • Register - Register your own channel.
    • Restrict - Restrict access to a channel.
    • Set - Change specified settings.
    • TopicLock
    • UnBan
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