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StarChat's Web Team designs and maintains all StarChat pages as our schedules allow. Changes submitted to the Web Team may take up to 72 hours to complete, so we ask for your patience. The Web Team does not deal with issues involving k-lines from the network. Please contact the K-Line Team if you are k-lined or are seeking to help someone who is.

To list your channel in the StarChat Directory, please note the following rules:

1. Channels must be registered via ChanServ. Channels which are not registered will not be listed.

2. Channels must be public and not set as secret (+s). If the channel is set secret (+s) by the StarChat staff because of an offensive topic, it is removed from this directory and will not be reinstated.

3. Channels must be active. If you wish to submit a channel for this directory, plan on investing some time. Don't waste our time in placing your listing on this directory if you won't spend your time maintaining the channel. Creating a successful channel takes dedication and involvement, not just having it appear here in hopes others will go sit patiently in your channel and wait for you to show up. Trust us when we say that just won't happen. Inactive founders who do not visit their channels at least every 72 hours will have their channels removed from this directory. If you can't be active, get others to function as channel founders who can.

4. Channels occupied by channel-holding bots (Eggdrop bots which sit in a channel making it appear occupied.) will NOT be listed. Simply stated, no one likes to visit a channel that is always empty except for the resident bot. By getting a bot for your room (just to keep it open) tells us that you won't be spending much time there. If your channel is found with a channel-holding bot, it will be removed from this directory. Channels that become unregistered and are occupied by a channel-holding bot will be closed and not reopened.

By submitting your channel to the Web Team for listing in this directory, make sure you understand and are in agreement with the above rules.

Please Note: This form DOES NOT register your channel on StarChat. To register your channel on StarChat, join the network and in any window, type /msg ChanServ help register. Follow the example text in your status window on how to register a channel or join #starchat for assistance.

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