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Contact The Close Team

StarChat's Close Team works to evaluate and correspond with individuals regarding channel closures. Information submitted to the Close Team may take up to 72 hours for a response, so we ask for your patience. The Close Team does not deal with issues involving klines from the network. Please contact the K-Line Team if you are klined or are seeking to help someone who is.

If your channel has been closed, it may be due to a violation of the StarChat Acceptable Use Policy. Prior to contacting the Close Team, we suggest you review the AUP. Inactive channels which are not registered and occupied by a channel-holding bot are closed and will not be reopened.

By submitting your inquiry to the Close Team for information on a channel closure, make sure you understand and are in agreement with the StarChat Acceptable Use Policy. Contacting the Close Team is no guarantee that a channel will be reopened.

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Copyright 2008 StarChat IRC Network