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StarChat has thousands of registered channels for a variety of interests including games, roleplaying, hobbies, and support groups. Channels may not always be occupied, check the channel's topic to see the best time to visit and what channels may be of interest to you.

StarChat STRICTLY prohibits channels for solicitation or trade of pornography, pirated software, or channels used for the harassment of others. StarChat will allow some channels, within reason, for sensitive topics and issues. StarChat reserves all rights to set a channel as secret (+s making it invisible to all other users on a channel listing) or close the channel should we deem the channel name or topic offensive.

Channel content and policies vary greatly and you may find conversations in some channels to be vulgar. Should you be offended, we recommend you part the channel immediately and if you so desire, contact the channel's founder via MemoServ or by visiting the channel's webpage.

StarChat does not control the content of channel or private conversations and takes no responsibility and disclaims all liability for the content of any text or materials which pass through the network or the result of running any commands while using StarChat services.

To list your channel in this directory or update the topic on a channel currently listed, click here.

Channels last updated 27 February 2004.


Channel Description/Topic
#12step4coes OA Traditions practiced. #3=all who desire to stop COE WELCOME! Meet daily:12:30am, 7am, 10:30am, 2:30pm, 6pm, 10:30pm; Sun,Tue,Wed,Thurs & Fri 8:15pm, all edt. Loop: 12step4coesLOOP-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Sponsor list: see loop files
#30-60_friends -~- Now for something different-~- What you seize is what you get!
#30-80oldfriends making new friends and chatting and helping each other
#30Plus Welcome Chatters!! --#30Plus..Where the Fun Never ENDS!!
#35truefriends No one Under 18, No Cybering or Vulgar words in room, Ask an Op for complete rule list. Thank You :)
#40-60 Welcome to Friendly Chat
#40+friends Welcome to Starchat's newest, friendliest & fastest growing FAMILY. Check out our website for photos, help with registration, security info. & starchat commands & to join our mailing list and birthday list - or ask an OP. Happy Holidays !!!!
#40Plus The Original and BEST chat channel on the net! This is the old ex-qdeck 40plus with a lot of the old faces still here! If you're looking for one of the most stable & longest running channels on the net...you've found us! Come on in!
#40plus4U Fun chat!
#40s50s4Fun The Official TYPOS-R-NECESSARY Room!
#40s60sSeaside Welcome to the Seaside. We've saved you a sand dune.
#40sisland2 Welcome to the island, come on in and pull up a sandbar
#40sn50sBest-lil-Chat Welcome Everyone!! Now Lets Have Some Fun..
#40sn50sjustfriends COME ON IN......WE'RE FRIENDLY ......
#40srodeo Yeee-Hawww Welcome New Friends!!!
#50+friends Where Old Friends get together
#50+Smiles Welcome To Smiles...Sit... Chat... Relax... WE Do!!!
#60's-80'sMusicTrivia MusicTrivia!! Come Join Us for Great Fun!!!
#AA-Lamps Keep Coming Back, it Works!
#A-Chat Friendly chat for all ages.
#activatetrivia Come and join us!
#Adult`Swim Welcome to the channel dedicated to the Cartoon Network's block of animated programming aimed specifially at adults ages 18-34. Every Sunday through Thursday, 11:00pm - 2:00am http://www.adultswimunleashed.com/info/show.html
#Adoption Adoption Triad Outreach - From A Base Of Information Comes Healing And Support
#American-Politics Lively debate welcome.
#ataxia Chatroom to talk about ataxia - a neurological disorder
#autistichat A chat room for Autism, Asperger Syndrome, PDD-NOS, and other pervasive developmental disabilities. Anybody who has an interest in autism, or has an autism spectrum diagnosis is welcome to come and visit.
#auto-racing The Virtual Race Track!!
#BD_OOC This is #Broken_Dagger 's OOC room -- now with added Kenya! Don't forget our forum at www.brokendagger.com/BB Respect for all is a MUST- Keep those quit messages in line! Regular rules apply.
#blanches-attic-50-70 New Channel! Jude_2, and blaching welcome you to our Grand opening!
#Brasil Bem vindo ao #Brasil - Cadastre-se na lista de discussão: http://www.grupos.com.br/grupos/starchatbr - Digite !comandos no canal para ver os comandos disponíveis.
#Broken_Dagger <Medieval FFRP> || Respect Above All Else. || NO OOC allowed here, please join #BD_OOC. Visit us at www.brokendagger.com ! ~Three black spires, now, tower over the naked trees. The sun hangs cold in the cornerless sky, and the earth is a gentle snowscape.
#Cafe_Void Near Future FFRP 17+ The year is 2026. A haven of sanity in a world that has lost its mind. A place where rebels convene, madmen dance, and everyone hides from the long arm of the law. www.cafe-void.cjb.net #Void_OOC for chat!
#camelot § The Last Bastion of Chivalry § Medieval Fantasy ROLEPLAY (Free-form) NKZ, No Foul Language, No Violence, PG-13
#Christian_Joy "Ye shall receive POWER, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you" (Acts 1:8) WELCOME to Christian_Joy a Full Gospel chat room that BELIEVES in the POWER of God and the Gifts of the Spirit...If you have a need in your life, come join us and see what the Lord will do!
#Christian_Walk NIV 1 John 3:16 This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.
#coptalk Welcome to COPTALK. Share your shift and relax! Everyone always welcome! All LE and friends!
#Darkmoor_Manor (MFFRP) ( This is a home, NOT a tavern. Please knock. ((The Manor stands as home to the Pardus Clan with the help of family and friends )) our mailing list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Darkmoor_Manor/
#DayRoom DayRoom is open for any adult seeking great conversation and bold fun. Geared for those in the field of Police, Fire and EMS work but everyone is welcome.
#deliciousagony The offical chat room of Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio
#Diablo2.com Official chat channel of www.diablo2.com !
#DragonMyst*Inn {æ{@}æ} FFRP »§« New Players Welcome »§« Setting: Medieval countryside on a small isle. OOC in #DMI*Muns {æ{@}æ}
#dwarfism To learn more about Dwarfism visit www.dwarfism.org
#ehl WELCOME TO THE EHL! EHL SEASON #5, REG SEASON IS UNDERWAY ZIP IS UP FOR 2/26. RIP Dan Snyder - I NEW Power Rankings- http://www.eastsidehhh.com/powerrank-3.html
#femalemuscle Welcome to #FemaleMuscle!!! We are into female bodybuilders and fitness women!
#Friendly-Chat Clean Chat in Friendly-Chat
#gamedev Welcome To #GameDev - Professional and Amateur Game Developers Developers Developers Developers Welcome since 22nd July 2000 - Everybody say "Yatta!"
#grammys-chat-room First time Strangers...Second time Friends....
#heart2heart http://h2h.darkhorse.net support chat !rules for rules
#Homefires "In a place that isn't a place, in a time long forgotten..." When those who are oppressed or chased or that live in fear, reach the end of their rope...when they ask for and/or seek sanctuary...then Homefires is opened to them, and Jaiquithe makes them feel welcome and safe within the walls of the lodge and borders of the lands. Please visit Our homepage: http://homefires0.tripod.com for information and the story line.
#InnerSound Welcome to InnerSound. "What's on your mind?"
#Ivory_Tower Welcome to the Ivory Tower, a public OOC establishment. Ivory Tower: n. A place or attitude of retreat, especially preoccupation with lofty, remote, or intellectual considerations rather than practical everyday life.
#just_friends Welcome to our channel... if you want a music list, type @JimYoSvr
#kittyzone KittyBot has questions in fifty categories!
#ladies-seeking-older-guys Fun and flirtatious!
#le_passant Le Passant... Paris, 1942. ( OOC in #Le_Passant*OOC. For help, see: www.culturedose.com/lepassant )
#Le_Passant*ooc Le Passant... Paris, 1942. ( OOC in #Le_Passant*OOC. For help, see: www.culturedose.com/lepassant )
#M.O.R.A. Mystix Online Roleplay Association : Mystic Crystal Realm, ICA:V & X.A.D. © 2003 Ellie` http://www.geocities.com/mysticcrystalrealm OOC Channel IC Chans: MCR: #Rhydiach X.A.D.: #Sanctuary_X Update: Fathom Depths is here! The association for serious online roleplayers.
#mwdx Welcome to #mwdx - Medium WaveDX - Long Distance Listening
#namvets Veterans Chat Room. Non-Vets Welcome Also.
#oklahoma wê£çðmê tð thê wï£Ð wï£Ð wê§t¡!¡!
#paratrooper a place for paratroopers past and present to hang out
#rpg-hub Our purpose is to connect other roleplayers to games within the server of any form, whether they are looking to join a game, or starting one. At current, we have a list of a few D&D and FASA games as well as FFRPs. If you wish to add yourself to the list or would like to learn a new game, just speak with the founder or some of the people there and we'll help get you on your way.
#Spirituality A Place for friends to talk..Bring your topic &... Leave your ego at the door.
#StarChat StarChat Network Help Channel
#swl Shortwave Radio The ACCURATE Crowd - Whee!
#THC --==Marijuana Therapy Channel==--
#The-Porch-Swing Welcome to ((JLADY'S)) new home
#The_Crooked_Lady_Tavern Welcome to the new home of #The_Crooked_Lady_Tavern, a free form medieval role play.
#TLA Welcome to the Official IRC Channel of http://www.thelastalliance.com -- For All LOTR Gaming and Hobby related talk.
#Trivia Welcome to #Trivia. THE TRIVIA channel with the coolest trivia bot and the best people on Starchat. Pull up a chair and try the trivia quiz, or just sit and chat, but above all, enjoy your stay :)
#trivia-flirts trivia and flirting
#Trivia-Rocks Greatest Trivia of All Time-Over 408 Thousand Questions. Channel Shows Daily,Weekly,Monthly and Yearly Scores-Streakers and fastest.. Come and Try, You'll Love it!!
#TriviaHotStuff Welcome to #TriviaHotstuff. The channel with the coolest trivia bot and the hottest people on Starchat. Pull up a chair and try the trivia quiz, or just sit and chat, but above all, enjoy your stay :)
#Trivia_house Trivia is ON!!! Sponsored by carpal tunnel syndrome specialists
#trivia_place °~`~*¤§ Welcome to trivia_place...Home of the 99,999 point question! °~`~*¤§
#Turboshout Turboshout Radio is an interactive radio station and chatroom where DJs and music lovers get together for a unique chatting experience for all ages. Come check us out today at www.turboshout.com! Tune into our live broadcasts at: http://www.turboshout.com/turbo.asx
#tweety Welcome to tweety!! Enter at your own risk!!!
#WeRMany A Safe Place for MPD/DID/DDNOS folks, Abuse Survivors and Their Supporters! Storytime for Littles 6pm pacific on Fridays in #ManyLittles
#worldnews Covering news and politics and the opinions they generate.
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