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Restricted Access Registration

Revised: 02-21-2012

When the situation warrants, StarChat will restrict certain Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from allowing their clients to speak on the network. Usually this is due to an abusive user who is evading bans and their ISP will not suspend their account.

People who use those ISPs with restricted access must be registered and perform a different identify command in order to speak on StarChat.
Restricted Internet Service Providers

Registered StarChat clients

If you are currently registered on StarChat (have registered your nickname and maintain your active registration by identifying to NickServ at least once every 30 days), use the following command syntax to identify:

/msg nickserv identify password

(Example: /msg nickserv identify twinkle)

Please note that registered StarChat clients do not have to register again.

Should you wish to change to another registered nick, you must identify again using the above syntax to resume chatting. Remember that only registered nicks may identify.
Unregistered StarChat clients

If you do not have a registered nickname on the StarChat network, you must register using the form below. You must use your ISP E-mail address and not an anonymous E-mail host such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo. Applications without an ISP E-mail address can't be processed.

Applications are received by the Access Team and manually entered into the NickServ database usually within 24 hours. You will receive an E-mail from the Access Team once your nickname is registered.

Please address all questions regarding restricted access nickname registration to the Access Team via the contact form.

User Registration

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